Let's turn your account into a business.

By now you should know that Twitter is FANTASTIC for sales:

Products, memberships, high ticket sales and even businesses. There's always someone with a lot of money.

Or a lot of influence.

Just waiting for the right push to buy.

This lesson is about that "push".

How do we get people to buy your stuff / DM you / become your client?

A Twitter audience is what marketers call a "warm" audience.

Or as the GOAT of marketing, Eugene Schwartz, would put it it:

“Here, your prospect isn’t completely aware of all your product does, or isn’t convinced of how well it does it, or hasn’t yet been told how much better it does it now.”

You don't need great copy. You don't need huge discounts.

You need to show them that your product just works.

Show proof of work:




(Btw Luis made $10k from this thread. Insane.)